CMYKTool 0.1.3 Released


After way too long a break, I've finally made new release of CMYKTool.  I've not been able to put nearly as much time into this as I would have liked, so there aren't many changes this time around.

(Update 2010-06-02 - the tarball has been respun to include an updated Russian translation - thanks, as always, to Alexandre Prokoudine for this.)

DownloadSource code - .tar.gz

DownloadWindows Binary - .zip

Please note: the Windows build requires an existing GTK+ installation - the easiest way to get that is to install GIMP.

Notable changes this time include:

  • Can now remove an image from the list.
  • Now has a "transition width" parameter which attempts to hide the sharp transitions that can appear in Hold Black and Hold Grey modes, by interpolating between normal and adjusted values for near-black/grey colours.
  • Fixed bug which prevented Overprint mode from doing anything.
  • Improved job-cancelling when colorant selection is changed - should improve responsiveness.
  • Should be a little less likely to crash due to address-space exhaustion when faced with immense images on a 32-bit system.

Future plans include:

  • Support for unicode filenames.  (Partially complete, not enough to be useful yet!)
  • Support for "duotone" images, where an image is converted to use black and a single spot colour.  (Similar to the Separate plugin's duotone feature, but with the ability to specity the spot colour.)
  • The ability to import PostScript and PDF (by means of GhostScript.  (There is already rudimentary support for this if GhostScript is in the path).
  • The ability to make use of Argyll to create a DeviceLink profile for a given source and destination profile.  (This will also allow recalculation of black-generation).
  • The ability to make use of Argyll to create a DeviceLink profile specifically for transforming a particular image (or set of images).